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THE MILITIA AND YOUThe biggest challenge for militias' today is the lack of people involved. The population today is much bigger than in 1776 and the role of the militia has been expanded tremendously. Because of this, the militia today is in need of more dedicated men and women in order to fulfill its role. With the current threat of terrorism, our unprotected borders, and the Armed Forces sent abroad, the nation is more vulnerable than ever before. You may be saying, "what can I do?" or "I don't have any training for that!" We understand. The militia is unlike anything you've probably ever experienced. It requires you to ask more of yourself, to learn new skills, and to take the path less traveled. It requires courage, integrity, and strength of character. In the militia you will be charged with defending your fellow man, helping those in need, facing disaster and taking a stand when it is much easier to do nothing.

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